Hey there!

So happy to meet you.

I sure do hope you come over to my social media platforms (all things Jen Ryan Said) or join me in my private Facebook group so I can get to know YOU better.

But while you are here, let me share a bit about me.

I'm just a girl grew up on an old dirt road inVermont.

I have been exactly where you are!

I know the struggles and I know what you feels like to love what I do. However that doesn't mean that I didn't want to get paid what I was worth or have work every night and weekend.

When I owned my own salon and had a team of stylists and spa service providers working with me that all had families.

I knew that making great money doing what you loved was extremely important for them and their families.

However, I also knew that working every night and weekend wasn't living the dream for myself or my team.

My Salon and Spa was the first successful full service salon that was inside a health facility. And, no one every worked weekends and only occasional nights.

You can build a dream business working on your terms.

but it takes clarity, a plan and willingness to do what it takes.

I want to share with the the clarity and mindset the I gained on creating confidence and life balance on my yoga mat.

Most importantly, the experience and knowledge I have gained in 3 most valuable areas of my career.

What I learned about building a successful personal brand from scratch in a town where I knew no one.

When I'm not working helping salon professionals...

you can find me hanging you with my best friend Lulu, my beautiful German Shepherd to recharge my energy.

Or, spending down time with close friends enjoying some great conversation over a shared fabulous meal and nice wine.

I look forward to getting to know you better, so please come find me on social media and dropped me a message or make sure to join my Facebook group.

Now I would like to know you better

come hang out with me and other other salon professionals like you



















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